Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sunset pics and hiking

     Friday morning I got up super early and watched Chris surf Pipe with his friend early around 7-8. After we got some breakfast at Ted's then check a few spots but they weren't working. Most of the time when it gets over 20ft faces, everywhere just closes out and is a mess except few spots like Pipe and Waimea. We helped a friend take some stuff down to Mokuleia and went out to the point where you can camp and do some off roading. Cool lil area with barely anybody around, it was cloudy but on a clear day you can look back and see the whole North Shore. We spent the rest of the day on the balcony eating and watching the waves go off, its so cool to see the lines of waves coming in from so far out there! Cooked an awesome meal that night and got to bed early.
     Saturday I watched pipe for awhile after I got some breakfast, then got a super fun session at Sunset. It was pretty big probably some 20ft+ faces coming in, only dozen people or so out. I took out my 6'6" and sat a lil inside can caught all the fun ones I wanted. I had mounted the Go Pro onto my board as seen in some other photo's in my new section. It's fun trying different settings and also seeing your self surf from a cool angle. After the session I met some friends down at Pipe to have a few beers and watch the waves go off. It was so perfect and not to big; 10-15ft faces. I want to surf it so bad but when its those conditions there's about 50 people out, minding you on one peak, only every few backdoors were working, so it's just a mess out there. Since I feel like I'm going to get pretty barreled in Indo, I haven't really wanted to go out in the havoc, hopefully next season though! We cruised over to Waimea after to get some bodysurfing in, the shorebreak was pretty heavy and similar to Balboa Pier back home. Went out for about 20 mins and got a few good sized ones and of course a few poundings, lost a fin and went in to get it but couldn't find it, called it a day. I went back into town with Casey and hung out with friend Nicole that night and saw the new movie OZ, then just crashed.
     Sunday Nicole and I had planned to go hiking to a cool spot she new about up the Pali hwy and almost to Kailua. It was an awesome lil hike about 2 miles back into the forest up a river, muddy but not to mad terrrain, fun to get messy! We arrived at the falls and there was a bunch of people since it was the weekend and a nice day. The waterfall had a jump spot about 10ft tall, all the kids were having a great time, I found a super sick spot that was about 40' tall into the small 25ft radius watering hole. We also went up the waterfall to a few other pools that were beautiful that you can swim in cool fresh water. We had a fun slippery hike back down to the car before we left to get some food in town. Just relaxed and watched a classic movie that night, Forrest Gump.
     Monday morning I woke up early and hoped on a bus back to the shore, got back around 9:30. I checked the surf and waited a bit, so I got a burger at Ted's and relaxed for a bit. I went out to just about maxed out Kami's, but I saw some fun in between sets coming in since the tide was changing. I got out there for about 30 min, got a few then got stuck on the inside when a set came through. I got out and rode down to v land, I surfed there for hour n half with only a few guys out and got some super fun wedgy rights. I got back to the house after close to 5 and then relaxed till I rode of to Salah's. On my way to the house I was riding my bike fast down the rock dirt road and as I stood up to try to pedal up there steep driveway, my pedal broke and my whole body just dropped and hit the bike then fell and skidded on the rock. I was all tangled up in the bike and road rash on both palms/wrists and on my elbow, I was so pissed that this just happened on something dumb. I washed up and put some bandages and ointment on the scraps, and had some dinner. I'm for sure going to have to be out of the water for a few days to let it scab up before the weekend so I can surf with sister and friend that are coming to town!
     Tuesday I woke up and chilled for a bit got my backpack packed up to go into town, I stopped by Ted's to grab a breakfast sandwich and hoped on the bus. Its only $2.50 to go just about anywhere on the island on the bus, pretty good deal but it takes almost 3 hours to get to town (roughly 50 miles). I arrived in town and hung out at friend's house for a few hours since it was pretty hot out. My friend Nicole and I went to taco Tuesday which I was looking really forward to, since I heard the tacos were great! I got 3 carne asada tacos with rice and beans and it was a perfect size and delicious, the place is called Serg's. So if your ever in Honolulu look it up, its near the University, and you can bring your own beer! When we were on our way home we started exploring and found a road that takes you up to the top of a mountain over looking all of Waikiki, snapped a few pictures then headed back down to the house. We were both craving ice cream so we got some Cold Stone which I haven't had in years! Once we got home and finished our ice cream we just passed out, since tomorrow is going to be a long day!
     Today is the day that my sister and friend Jeremy are coming to Hawaii, I have been talking to both quite a bit and they are super excited to visit!  There flight doesn't come in until 9 pm so I had all day to hang out and chill before they arrived. In the morning I got some breakfast with Casey and worked on this blog post a bit until Nicole got off work, since us 3 were going to go to the beach. We went towards the east side and and checked out Sandys, but ended up going down the road more to Makapuu. Its a really beautiful part of the island with big mountains coming down into the ocean, and pretty nice sand beaches. After bodysurfing and messing around for a few hours we left and got some Taco Bell on the way to a place called China Walls. Super fun spot to jump off the rocks and watch the water hit the rocks and blast into the air in all different types of cool forms. After that we were all pretty burnt and done form the day, so we went back home and napped a for a bit. I went with my friend Mike and stopped by a bar by the airport to get a drink and play some pool while waiting for the plane to land. We got to the airport in perfect timing as they had just got to the curb with there bags, had a quick hug and threw the luggage in the car to head back to the house. Of course Brooke and Jeremy were both wondering oh whats that or is that a mountain, it's always hard coming into a  new place at night not seeing your surroundings. When we got home we dropped off the luggage and talked for a bit, then went out to grab some beer, ice cream, and a few snacks to munch on for the rest of the night as we watched TV and all caught up on life. We all passed out around midnight, 3am for Brooke and Jeremy, we have a fun and exciting weekend ahead of us since I want to show them as much as I can while there here!

Top of the mountain overlooking Waikiki
Go Pro pic from Saturday morning at Sunset, just thought it was a cool lil foam wave!
Maunawili waterfalls
Waimea Bay
Bike crash, not surfing for few days, suckssss

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