Monday, December 21, 2015

100 Days of Indo // Part 5

Episode 5 takes us from Nias, Sumatra back down to Bali for a few days of planning before heading on our next adventure! After 22 hours of riding on scooters and ferries across a few islands we made it to West Sumbawa...

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Getting back on the motorbikes, we gear up for a 200 mile roadtrip. Five SOVRN road warriors take on three islands as we hop from Bali over to West Sumbawa on an epic wave mission. The wild landscape of Sumbawa kept us mesmerized as we used down days as an opportunity to explore parts of the island that very few have ventured.

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Hit The Road by Gyom
We Are Free by Zep Hurme
The Hornet by DoKashiteru
Enthusiast by Tours
No Other Name by Ryan Taubert
Isma Roktar by Thiaz Itch
Only Human by Parade of Lights

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

100 Days of Indo // Part 4

Nias.... One of Indonesia's and the world's most iconic waves. The adventure there from Mentawi's was crazy in it's self. I actually nipped back to Bali from Sumatra while the boys went straight to Nias. I met up after spending a week with my lady and we all camped out for another 2 epic weeks!

If you haven't yet, get caught up by watching Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 !

After a couple boat rides, 12 hour overnight ferry, 30 hour airport sleepover, and 2 hour car ride, we arrive in Nias. This renown point has the potential to be a behemoth of a wave, but even when its small, there's virtually always something to ride. We let the good times roll as we post up for 3-4 weeks on this remote island.
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Hit The Road by Gyom
Siesta by Jahzzar
Spinning Round by The Originalites

jeremy jennings nias indonesia

nias indonesia

Thursday, December 3, 2015

100 Days of Indo // Part 3

It just keeps getting better and better, in this episode we score in the Mentawi Islands while living in a losemen with a local family. Jam packed full of stunning footage and perfect barrels watch episode 3 now!

If you haven't yet get caught up by watching Episode 1 & Episode 2!

The crew splits up into two groups as we head from Bali up and over to West Sumatra, otherwise known as the Mentawai islands, in hopes to find vacancy at a homestay. As we well know, the remoteness of this destination does not make it easy to get there, but if our hopes that Lance's is doing what it is capable of, that should be motivation enough.

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Hit The Road by Gyom
Gamelan Instrumental by Mof Child
Another One by Grapes
Happy Island by The Mantles

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

100 Days of Indo // Part 2

Here is episode 2 of 6 from our trip last year to Indonesia for 3 months! Another awesome story at an iconic wave with my mates for a whole week! Directed/Edited Funkhouse Media and special thanks to Sovrn Republic!
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As we venture off Bali, the sights are set on Desert Point for our first major excursion. The swell forecast is looking promising, but there are other forces at play as the transport struggle gets real. No matter if we get waves or not, there's sure to be some new faces as we get to these new places. And puppies.

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This is DoKashiteru (ft. DoKashiteru) by Carosone
Night Owl by Broke For Free
Alex’s Recital (ft. Alexander Stone) by DoKashiteru
Shiro (Kirkoid Mix) by Kirkoid

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Start of winter in Sweden 4+ Minute Read 
     My last day home was nice and relaxing went disc golfing with my pup Bali and the weather was perfect mid 70's and warm! I stopped by Polar Pro to pick up a few of there new accessories, my favorite I have been using for the last few days being The Trippler (pictured to the right). This accessory is a genius idea since its always nice to have a tripod with you when trying to get some nice time lapses' or timer shot of yourself. And beyond that the stick can be used for selfies or close up shots. A nice Mexican food lunch was last on the agenda before heading to the airport, wont be having that for awhile.... Got to LAX and all checked in before giving mom and dad hugs and kisses and headed on to my first flight! The 10.5 hour flight to Paris was actually pretty good, during dinner I watched the movie Wild which is a true story of a lady who hiked Pacific Crest Trail solo! I had the whole 4 seat row to myself, so I sprawled out and took a very much needed 5 hr nap. Landing in Paris at 2pm local time with just enough time to find my way through the security and a 40 minute walk to terminal 2F. Another 2 hour flight and I finally landed in Stockholm where the outside temp was a mere 3º Celsius (38º F).
     These first few days here spent with Elin have been quite cold more like freezing for me at least since it is 3x colder than home where I left. But none the less we have been out and about having some fun! The first full day was spent going into the city which is about 20 minutes away by bus then train/subway into the middle of the city. First stop was a nice lamb and mashed potato lunch at her work Krogkonst (Krooge-con-st) compliments of the owner Anders. My first time having lamb and it was great, most meals here in Sweden are accompanied by a salad bar and bread you can self serve, love it. Hitting the city was also nice to try out my new camera a Sony a6000 Mirrorless, after finally getting to use it in an awesome environment like Stockholm I already love it! It has one of the fastest auto focus' on the market, LCD screen and view finder, built in flash, WiFi capable to transfer images to your computer and phone straight from the camera. So be ready to see some awesome pictures on my trips from now on!
travel surf live

     Of course my lady Elin went on a little grocery shopping spree before I came and got my favorites :). Dr. Pepper, Lagunitas Pale Ale beer, Macaroni and Cheese, pancakes, and chicken nuggets haha, all found in the local store on the American shelf. So last nights meal was chicken nuggets, fries, salad, and some beer haha it was great and very thoughtful of her :). This morning was spent trying to get more information to hopefully book our planned trip to the Austrian Alps during new years. There is a lot to look into because there are many different ways to get there but its the cheapest to book everything with an included booking agency. It is possible to book a bus from Sweden to Austria and back, 7 nights in a nice hotel near the lifts, the hotel includes continental breakfast and dinner, also included in the package is a 6 day ski pass! These packages depending on the quality of the hotel range from 1,000-1,300 USD for all that I had just listed, ya its a great price just have to book the right one.
     We needed to get outta the house since there was less than 3 hours of sun left, Elin suggested a nice walk about 25 minutes to the tallest part of the island here where I have been staying and she grew up, Lidingö. The lil mountain that we walked and hiked up is a small ski slope when it starts getting cold enough to make snow, which will be very soon! The slope is very small about 500 yards long but with beautiful views of the surrounding islands and waterways. On our walk back to get some lunch the sun set just before 4pm and it will start setting even earlier as the winter goes on....
     Only a few more days before the adventure to the Shetland Islands which will be a journey to say the least :) but can't wait to see somewhere that not many people go to and definitely not many people even know about!
Top the small ski slope on Lidingö, Stockholm, Sweden!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

100 Days of Indo // Part 1

Last year I was able to do a trip with some good mates to Indonesia for 3 months. With the help of Sovrn Republic and Funkhouse Media were able to get together all the footage into an epic 6 part series, enjoy!

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So it begins. As we land on Bali and get acclimated to Southeast Asia, we explore the southern part of the island, known as the Bukit, and explore the options for surf. As we cruise around the island for the first week, we make stops at Bingin, Balangan and Uluwatu. Testing our language skills, we get indigenous with some elderly locals near Nyang Nyang.

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Hit The Road by Gyom
Kingston Shuffle by Good New Tunes
Parametaphoriquement by gmz
Brake Dub by belaf
Feet in the Sand by Morgantj

Funkhouse Media Alex Arkeilpane
From L-R: Brian Daigneault, Travis Lindsey, David Elliot, Jeremy Jennings, Jay Neyer, Alex Arkeilpane

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weeks away from a new adventure!

     So after already being home from Bali for two weeks I am two weeks away from heading on my next adventure! A few days after I got home from Bali I had my second Surfer's Ear Surgery on my left ear. I have started a blog with a bit of everything information and illustration's on what Surfer's Ear is! During recovering from the surgery I'm getting as much done as possible but mostly saving money doing what I do like carpentry work, drive for Lyft, side jobs building anything for previous customers, recycling, and selling things from my shop online. Saving everything I can to save for this trip in the small amount of time I have will be hard but I think I can make it work, and ill let you know where I am at in two weeks time!
     First stop is in Stockholm, Sweden to hang out with my girlfriend after being apart for 2 months, I will be hanging there for about a week before the next stop, Scotland! Not just any part of Scotland, but 200 miles off the coast of Aberdeen to a small group of islands called Shetland. Getting there will
shetland islands scotland united kingdom
be a quite interesting 24 hrs! Starting getting to Arlanda airport just outside Stockholm by train, two flights, transport from airport in Aberdeen to the ferry. Same day 7pm is when the ferry heads out for an overnighter to the island arriving 7am, 24 hours after I left for the airport in Stockholm.
     A few things I will be doing in Shetland, first off hanging with my good mates Joe n Ellie, we met in Australia when Bryce and I were cruising around in the van at a car park. Since that time a year and half ago they have made there way to California twice to stay and visit us so I say it's time to go check out there neck of the woods. I want to experience all I can in he three weeks I will be there, biggest on the list is seeing the northern lights, apparently can be seen often during this time of year! I will also be exploring the shore for some surf possibilities when I come back next year, when I can actually surf. Other than that I might work a bit doing carpentry if it's possible and also try some new activities.
     Following the three weeks in Shetland it's back to Stockholm for a few days before Christmas, maybe do some mountain biking in those spare days. I think it will be really fun and different being in a completely different country to see how they celebrate the holiday! First off it is mostly celebrate on the 24th of December, and the next say Elin and I will be heading on our planned trip since she only has a few weeks of work. A quick train to Malmö where the bus that takes us to Austria will depart, in 24 hours of driving we will arrive in Bad Gastein in the Austrian Alps. Skiing some of the best mountains in the world for 6 days is definitely the highlight of this trip for me.  
gnu snowbaords metal gnuru pycsh binding mervin     I am especially excited because I will have a brand new board and bindings from my good mate Josh from GNU Snowboards for a great deal! This new board will be a few cm longer than mine now which I have realized is to small for proper mountains, plus my boards is some old technology to what they have today Mervin which is the umbrella company for both GNU and Lib Tech who call themselves "Bitchin board builders" which they are for these reasons. They are the longest running and last major board building factory in the USA, plus they are extremely environmentally friendly, check out how here
     After the week in Austria skiing and enjoy the mountains our 24 hour bus back begins, I'm sure this will be one of the hardest parts of the trip after being all sore form the long days of getting on the mountain. But after the 24 hour bus were stopping in Copenhagen, Denmark for a few days to explore woooo wooo! After all of that it will be near the end of my trip, and after a few days of resting and spending time with Elin I will have to head home to save and plan the next adventure :)
copenhagen denmark europe
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Family trip to Bali didn't start so well!

Taipei, Taiwan

"Not all traveling can go perfectly to plan nor can be the funnest, but its the times that aren't fun or when nothing is going right that you look back on and have a laugh or tell a story about..." -Brian Daigneault

     Usually the travel time between California and Bali is around 30-36 hours between getting to airport, checking in, flight, layover, another flight, visa line, and transport to the accommodation. And for this trip being with the family it would have been nice to have it all only take about 30 hours, but it didn't quite go that way....

     Everything went south when we got to my grandparents house for dinner before they were going to give us a lift to the airport where our flight was scheduled to depart at midnight Monday. As we were about to leave the airport, my dad said maybe we should just check to see if the flight was delayed, and sure enough it was, 9 hour delay for a typhoon warning in Taipei where our layover was. Back home it was to get some sleep, we arrived at LAX and asked the counter now that our flight was delayed we would miss our connector flight. They told us that they didn't know and the counter in Taiwan would let us know, great that never is a good answer.

     Landing in Taiwan after a 14 hr flight we then found out we had to spend the night and the next available flight wasn't until 9:15am now Thursday because of the time change. The airlines took the 20 or so of us that were trying to get to Bali to a pretty nice hotel outside Taipei where my family got there first culture shock of asian life. Duck and pork was on the dinner menu as well as other interesting vegetables that our taste buds have never tasted before. We all crashed pretty hard since none of us got much sleep on the flight and we have been up for over 20 hours.

     Finally arriving in Bali at 2:30pm local time we went through the visa line and waited for our luggage for long enough to start wondering and looking around. Ourselves and another few passengers that were now our friends since we had been together the last few days went to the counter and they told us our luggage was stuck in Taipei and would hopefully arrive tomorrow. Once we took the hour taxi ride up to our first spot were staying we walked down the cliff to grab dinner watching the beautiful sunset! Waking up to our first morning on Bali I can't wait to rent a couple scooters and show the family my favorite places...stay tuned.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

That's not traveling...... only a vacation

     I want to dedicate this post to explaining how I grew a love for maps, geography, exploring and how that lead to my first adventures. In my last few years of seeing as much of this planet as possible I have yet to only go to a handful of countries for a reason. In my mind I want to put into words what a world traveler or what traveling really means to me. And most importantly the difference between what I consider traveling and a vacation.

     Since I can remember my favorite subject in school was Geography. It fascinated my mind to look at a map of so many places and try to imagine what it would be like to see it in person. As I got older my family and I were always into outdoor activities, one of my favorites being riding my dirt bike out in the desert. This also stimulated my mind in unimaginable ways, being able to go anywhere you wanted to and explore so much terrain! Whenever we would go on a group ride I would get separated from the group because I found a new trail nobody else was going on and took off, but always ended up at the same meeting point in the end, everyone wondering how the hell I got there. Through high school I was able to take some trips with friends out of the state camping, snowboarding, surfing, and everything in between.
     A big turning point for really finding out what I love to do with my life came when my mother and I decided to ride our BICYCLES across the USA when I was 19 years old. My mom had always talked about people doing it since she was a cyclist herself, and to a cyclist riding across the country is what finding an island with perfect waves is to a surfer. After an instance where I got into some trouble with the law, my parents had helped me through it so much more than I would have ever thought! It made me realize wow If I want to accomplish some of my own dreams maybe I should help my mom accomplish one of hers first. After touching our tires in the Pacific Ocean surrounded by friends and family we took off on June 3, 2010 on just two bikes that weighed about 60lbs each with all our gear. After the second day we were so done, we had made it from Huntington Beach to the Salton Sea (170 miles), our skin sun burnt, bodies dehydrated, and couldn't sleep from the spasms in our legs all night long. After taking a day off and reevaluating how to go about this goal, we pushed through 36 flat tires, dozens of hotels, running out of water, eating gas station food, in the sun 8-12 hrs a day. Finally after pedaling through 8 states in 36 days we touched our bicycle tires in the Atlantic Ocean and honestly just cried for awhile. That moment right there changed the way I looked at life and what most think is impossible to accomplish, this ultimately lead to the mindset on how I wanted to live my life, by experiences not able to be taught by any university, job, coach, nor teacher.

      No maybe I haven't been around the world yet, but through all those days away from home and the normal lifestyle you learn how to adapt and live in different conditions. Most of the nights were not in a comfy mattress nor in anything considered a home/house. I can tell you because I'm weird like this, that in the last 900+ days I have been out of the country 380 days, slept in 65 different beds, and been on 38 flights. In Hawaii I slept on my cousins couch in his 150sq ft backyard shed with no water and hardly electricity. In Indonesia I've slept on floors, hammocks, dirty ferries, on top of a surfboard bag, inside mosquito nets, all in the humid sticky weather of the tropics. In Australia I slept in my van most of the 80 days I was there. For 3 straight weeks living in the van I used beach showers or a random industrial buildings water spicket to shower while the excess soapy water splashed on my clothes for that days laundry.  In Sweden I slept on a single size bed with my girlfriend for two months, inside a 700 sq ft cabin with 5 people and a small bathroom. All in all was it all worth it, fuck yes it was! Living thousands of miles from home in another country doing anything you want, learning a new language, figuring how to convert everything into metric, learning a new currency, and much much more.
Van Life, NSW, February 2014
     To me traveling Isn't about all inclusive resorts, first class flying, private transportation, fancy night clubs, and everything going right. Why would you want to go to another country to get all the comforts you have at home? The best trips and stories happen when everything goes wrong, you get on the wrong bus, miss your flight, get a flat on your scooter in the middle of the jungle, or lose your atm card. Traveling is about getting lost and asking a local for directions which turns in them inviting you into there home or business for a meal or a cup of coffee. Interaction with the culture, people, and land are everything when it comes to exploring a new country. Take public transport, eat local foods, do tasks the way locals would, visit temples, go to the none touristy areas and you will be treated like a king. Some of my favorite moments when traveling were when I felt completely out of my element and not able to understand the language or communicate with others. That is why I try to spend a decent amount of time in every country I go to, feel the vibes, make a few local friends that start remembering you. When just passing through a country you don't get the whole experience if say you stayed there for a month and worked a bit or lived at a hostel.