Thursday, November 5, 2015

Weeks away from a new adventure!

     So after already being home from Bali for two weeks I am two weeks away from heading on my next adventure! A few days after I got home from Bali I had my second Surfer's Ear Surgery on my left ear. I have started a blog with a bit of everything information and illustration's on what Surfer's Ear is! During recovering from the surgery I'm getting as much done as possible but mostly saving money doing what I do like carpentry work, drive for Lyft, side jobs building anything for previous customers, recycling, and selling things from my shop online. Saving everything I can to save for this trip in the small amount of time I have will be hard but I think I can make it work, and ill let you know where I am at in two weeks time!
     First stop is in Stockholm, Sweden to hang out with my girlfriend after being apart for 2 months, I will be hanging there for about a week before the next stop, Scotland! Not just any part of Scotland, but 200 miles off the coast of Aberdeen to a small group of islands called Shetland. Getting there will
shetland islands scotland united kingdom
be a quite interesting 24 hrs! Starting getting to Arlanda airport just outside Stockholm by train, two flights, transport from airport in Aberdeen to the ferry. Same day 7pm is when the ferry heads out for an overnighter to the island arriving 7am, 24 hours after I left for the airport in Stockholm.
     A few things I will be doing in Shetland, first off hanging with my good mates Joe n Ellie, we met in Australia when Bryce and I were cruising around in the van at a car park. Since that time a year and half ago they have made there way to California twice to stay and visit us so I say it's time to go check out there neck of the woods. I want to experience all I can in he three weeks I will be there, biggest on the list is seeing the northern lights, apparently can be seen often during this time of year! I will also be exploring the shore for some surf possibilities when I come back next year, when I can actually surf. Other than that I might work a bit doing carpentry if it's possible and also try some new activities.
     Following the three weeks in Shetland it's back to Stockholm for a few days before Christmas, maybe do some mountain biking in those spare days. I think it will be really fun and different being in a completely different country to see how they celebrate the holiday! First off it is mostly celebrate on the 24th of December, and the next say Elin and I will be heading on our planned trip since she only has a few weeks of work. A quick train to Malmö where the bus that takes us to Austria will depart, in 24 hours of driving we will arrive in Bad Gastein in the Austrian Alps. Skiing some of the best mountains in the world for 6 days is definitely the highlight of this trip for me.  
gnu snowbaords metal gnuru pycsh binding mervin     I am especially excited because I will have a brand new board and bindings from my good mate Josh from GNU Snowboards for a great deal! This new board will be a few cm longer than mine now which I have realized is to small for proper mountains, plus my boards is some old technology to what they have today Mervin which is the umbrella company for both GNU and Lib Tech who call themselves "Bitchin board builders" which they are for these reasons. They are the longest running and last major board building factory in the USA, plus they are extremely environmentally friendly, check out how here
     After the week in Austria skiing and enjoy the mountains our 24 hour bus back begins, I'm sure this will be one of the hardest parts of the trip after being all sore form the long days of getting on the mountain. But after the 24 hour bus were stopping in Copenhagen, Denmark for a few days to explore woooo wooo! After all of that it will be near the end of my trip, and after a few days of resting and spending time with Elin I will have to head home to save and plan the next adventure :)
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