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 Everyone should make a Bucket List and promise yourself to complete a few a year or more if you can depending on how crazy or extensive your list is. This list is in no complete order at all, click the links to find out where, what, how, or when I complete this goal. And maybe we share a few of the same dreams on my list!

1. Witness the Northern Lights (Aurora)
✓ December 2015 on the Shetland Islands, Scotland, UK absolutely spectacular see it on my Instagram!

2. Snowboard Whistler
✓ January 2015 with my two best friends

3. Dog Sledding
✓ My birthday April 3, 2015 in Sälen, Sweden

4. Snowmobile
✓ March 2015 in Sälen, Sweden

5. Snow Kite

6. Ride a timbersled

7. See the Grand Canyon
✓ February 2015 on the same road trip as Whister. Unfortunately the Canyon was full of fog but was still an amazing sight none the less!

8. Surf Bali, Indonesia
✓ Ever since I first saw a picture of Bali and the waves when I was probably 12 or 13 (2004ish) I knew I wanted to go there, finally made it April 2013

9. Road trip Europe in a van

10. Road trip Australia
✓ February 2014 with my best friend Bryce, wouldn't have had it any other way!

11. Surf the North Shore (Oahu, Hawaii)
✓ My first real trip away from home by myself in March 2013. I crashed on my cousins house for 6 weeks and right right out in front Kamiland and Sunset Beach, hardly anyone around int he late season and so many good memories!

12. Kite Surf
-How fun does that look!

13. Learn to Sail
✓ Took my first sailing lesson January 2012 and fell in love with it, soon after bought a 14' Hobiecat and sailed it all I could for 2 years, miss my first boat :(

14. Snowboard the Alps (French, Austrain, Swiss, etc)
✓ December 2015 in Bad Gastein, Austria even though the snow wasnt all time the runs were long and the scenery beautiful!

15. Wakeboard a cable park
✓ Bali, Oct 2015 such a difference experience than I would have ever thought, so much fun!

16. A trip that includes both surfing and snowboarding, probably to either Japan or New Zealand!

17. Heli boarding

18. Surf a tidal bore! Sounds crazy right but hey its a bucket list haha

19. Witness an Orca (Killer Whale) in its natural environment.

20. Hunt some sort of animal, everyone that knows me knows I am not a person to kill an animal but I think I should experience everything at least once!

21. Para sailing

22. Ride a motorcycle through Central America

23. Show my family what traveling and opening up your mind to the world is really about!
✓October 2015 we were lucky enough to be able to spend 3 weeks in Indonesia together :)

24. Baja 1000

25. Try to see at least 2 new countries a year

26. Skydiving, My mom wants to and can't let my mom do it with out me!
✓ May 2015 my mom, uncle, and I all went in Oceanside, California not far from my home. It was epic and the people at Go Jump took care of us, check out the video on my Instagram.

27. Take an excursion on a horse, camping and all for at least a few days or a week.

28. Place ice hockey on a proper pond

29. Take a boat thru the Panama Canal

30. Surf trip in South Africa

31. Surf somewhere nobody has surfed before

32. Drive to Panama
✓ September 2016 I arrived in Panama after 100 days of driving from my home in California through 7 countries.

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  1. hey Brian.
    loved your 100 days trip episodes down mexico and sentral america.
    My buddy and I just finished building our car and are about to head down the same way from San Diego to Costa rica. Would love to get some tips about crossing the boarders and maybe some epic places we should stop by for some good surfing/exploring.

    Br Truls Johansen
    PS: you should ad "surf under the northen light in north of Norway" on your Bucketlist. ;)


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