Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Weekend in Baja

     Myself and my mates Chris and Jeremy wanted to get into some adventure a few weeks back so we decided to head across the border and get some waves in Baja! The whole trip began on Thursday night as we headed south to my mates in San Diego to crash for the night before crossing the border in the am! Friday morning we got across the border and down to a beach break by 8:30am, the waves looked pretty fun from shore. Jeremy and I paddled out and once we were out there realized it was bigger than expected, about 6-8 foot on the face! Chris swam out with his water housing camera setup and got worked so may times I don't know how he stayed out that long I was really surprised!

     After getting a few we headed little farther south to grab tacos, check a few more spots, and cruise through downtown Ensenada. Of course we ended up at Papas and Beer like most people do, what a great place to people watch. The cruise from Long Beach to Ensenada and back drops all the people
off in town for a few hours on Saturday, so it is quite the scene seeing them run around drunk. Once we got some more tacos for dinner we headed back North a bit to a camp spot on a cobblestone right point.As we pulled up our next door camping neighbors were two Australians that were cruising a van around the west coast for a few months. As we had few beers, sat by the fire, and exchanged stories from all of our travels it was pure bliss, exactly what we all came down to Baja for!

The next morning the swell we came down for did not quite end up being all we thought it would. Never the less I got in the water with the Aussies and a local for a few waves early in the am. Cant not get out in the water when its only a few guys out at a chest high cobblestone right, especially with Jeremy on the rocks coaching haha. After the morning surf we cruised north back to the La Fonda area and had the infamous endless brunch on the cliff there while checking the waves out front. As  Chris was going through the endless bloody mary's Jeremy and I decided to work our brunch off with a surf out front before heading back to the border line that Sunday evening. Getting 3 surf sessions in, lots of tacos, few beers, and meeting a few new friends made the 300 mile in two days trip all worth it!