Saturday, January 2, 2016

100 Days of Indo // Part 6

In the start of the episode I head off to the airport on my way home to surprise my family for Thanksgiving! But after that the boys get a few more fun waves all over Bali, and the ending footage makes you want to boo your ticket to the disneyland island of surfing right now!

If you haven't yet, get caught up by watching Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3 / Episode 4 / Episode 5 !

We get back to Bali for the final leg of the trip, hit Kuta for a party night, and enjoy the last couple weeks of the trip.

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Hit The Road by Gyom
Way Out by Kaptain
Fried Eggs by Vitamin Pets
Wounded Butterfly by REW
World of Beauty by Ryan Taubert

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