sovrn republic
The best quality and tested backpacks that I have ever used. The storage and organization is maximized with out losing style and comfort! I have been fortunate to work with Sovrn Republic over the last few years with there product testing and development. These are my top pick's:
Souls with Soul, Footwear featuring re purposed tire soles. I love everything about the company, I had heard of them before from a few ads I had seen in surf mags. I just happen to run into the Founder/Owner Kyle in the airport when we were both headed to Bali. The nicest coolest dude ever, definitely hit off and glad to be working together. Here are a few of my favorite items they make and I'm glad to share with you a discount code below, grab a pair and help the world!

Once billboard campaigns are over, the vinyl is typically thrown away - but we now partner with billboard companies to bring the vinyl to us instead. This company is everything I'm about, helping the environment, creating less trash, and getting people good, quality, and creative products. Glad to work with them, and hope you can get involved by buying there products if your in the market for a new board bag, wallet, phone case, etc!

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