Friday, April 5, 2013

Birthday and lots of surfing

     Hello everyone I am trying to get on here more often to inform everybody about my trip and post some cool photos! The last 4 days have been just a lot of surfing since the weather has been so nice!
     Monday I woke up in town so I hung out for a bit then went to get some food before hoping on the bus, I ate at this super cool little crepe spot. The crepe was delicious and they also gave me a complimentary dessert crepe, which was also amazing since I haven't had crepes in a long time! I caught the bus back to the shore and hung out for a bit until dinner since the waves weren't very good. My cousin got a bunch of meat from his work so for the past few nights we cook up a new one every night, everything from marlin to game hen. We have been eating really great home cooked dinners every night since I have been here!
     Tuesday was a super nice day out but pretty windy, which made the waves like 8-10ft and just choppy and all over the place. I still try to surf a few times a day just to get out and be in the water. I rode my bike down to a spot called the sandbar which is a little down the beach from Pipeline, its fun lil spot that breaks only on sand, so its not to dangerous. I met a cool new friend named Gabriel that got here a few weeks ago and is staying at the property I'm at. He is from Israel and is on a similar surf trip as well, from Israel he flew to New York for a few weeks, then to Santa Cruz/San Francisco area for a month and a half. After he made his way down to Mexico where he stayed near Puerto Escondido and some areas around there for 2 months, now he's at his last stop on the North Shore! Super cool guy, we've been hanging out the last few weeks surfing together, grabbing some lunch, and just talking story about where each other is from.
     I've always enjoyed talking to people that grew up somewhere else and have had a whole different and totally separate life than myself. Ever since me and my mother did our cycling tour across the US ( link to our blog ) I have had the traveling bug and love to get out and see something new even if its a lil weekend adventure! Since the trip we have hosted dozens of traveling cyclists through the website and now have friends around the world! Whenever we have a new guest staying for a night or two at our house we enjoy dinner and chat for the whole evening. I call it "traveling without traveling" because your able to learn about an area or a culture that you have never been to without really going there, to me it is very interesting and exciting!
     Haha well back to my trip, so Wednesday was my birthday and for once didn't have much planned, I turned 22. I had some breakfast then Gabriel and I rode our bikes down to the sandbar, there were some fun lil chest high waves and a few barrels coming through. After we went over to Ted's, which is this awesome little bakery like a half mile down the the road, they have a little of everything and it's all delicious! I relaxed for a bit after and then hoped into the water for a quick surf at Kami's right out front with nobody out. I bought a beach cruiser last week and took it apart to paint it, so I got some paint and went over to my friend's to throw a paint job on it. It ended up turning out pretty cool and definitely my color and style now. I got out in the water again at Kami's before it got dark, was pretty crowded but definitely a few fun ones coming in! I headed back to our friend's to cook some dinner, we had a great mix of rice, veggies, and grilled marlin. Along with the dinner they baked me a little pie with a side shot of tequila, haha. Nice to celebrate my birthday with my cousin Chris, we hadn't hung out much when we were teenagers because we were always doing something different then he came out to Hawaii and never came back from paradise! After dinner a friend came form town to pick me up and we went out to Dave and Busters, played some games and had quite a few drinks to end a fun day!
     Thursday morning I made my friend's some pancakes as we relaxed on the couch and figured out the day. My friend Caylie that lives in town and her roomate Nicole wanted to come out to the North Shore for the day to beach it. We cruised back out here and went to a few beaches and I surfed while they tanned and relaxed at Sunset Beach. After I took them to a cool spot down on the east side that is nice chilled out beach that you can hope in the water with no waves and swim around. They really enjoyed getting into the water with out all the waves, rocks, and reef on the bottom to worry about! We ended the day stopping at a grill on the side of the road on our way back and mowed down some food since we were all hungry from a long day in the sun! Tomorrow the waves are supposed to be pretty big, 15' - 20' the charts are reading, so wish me luck :) !
Crepe at Aloha crepes in Honolulu.

Birthday dinner with Chris, Pie and a shot of tequila, haha.
I like to make lil beachwood camps


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