Monday, April 1, 2013

Maui for the weekend!

     Friday I awoke on Maui in a place I've never been, my friend Nate that I was staying with had work till noon so I decided to go explore a bit. I walked down to the beach about a 5 min walk from the house, and just started walking. I walked for a few hours, lil over 4 miles to the downtown food and shopping area of Kihei. I cruised around for a bit and found Maui tacos, a lil Mex place to eat at, since I haven't had nearly any Mex food on my trip since I started over a month ago I try to eat it whenever I can find it! I caught the bus back to the house and Nate was home from work, he took me to Makena Beach down the road to do some snorkeling/diving. It was an awesome spot even though it was a tad windy, there were many turtles, fish and we even came across some white tip reef sharks in a little cave, got some awesome Go Pro pictures and videos! After we stopped by a resort on the way home to hop in there spa and warm up before we hit the store to grab food to make for dinner. 
     Saturday we saw there was some swell in the water so we headed over to the north side of the island about 30 minutes away to try and grab a surf. We went to a sweet pretty well known spot called Hookipa Beach, there were quite a few guys out but there were plenty of eaves coming in everywhere. We both paddled out for an hour and half or so, when we came in a few pro surfers paddled out. Nate wanted to shoot them with his new water housing, so I went back out to surf while he got some shots for another few hours. It was pretty sick surfing with some pro guys you see in the mags all the time, it was Matt Meola, Kai Barger, and Albee Layer, all huge up and comers from Maui. After being in the water for almost 4 hours we went into town and ate at Nate's favorite spot Paia fish market, great food and awesome spot! When we got back to the house we were both so tired from being in the water all day that we just chilled watched some movies and passed out early!
     Sunday being the last day I was on Maui and Easter, Nate went to church for a bit and I grabbed food at a local cafe. After he got back we went to a spot called Big Beach, which is pretty well known on Maui because its semi near the resorts and is just a huge stretch of beach with some awesome snorkeling out in front. Saw some more turtles, sea life, and found a cool underwater through the reef to swim through.  We got back home to hang for a bit and exchange some photos and videos before I had to head to the airport. It was an awesome weekend get away to see a new island and some new spots on the trip, thanks to Nate for putting me up for a few nights and showing me around. Getting back to Honolulu I caught the bus over to Kahala to bonfire on the beach and have a few beers with some friends, great way to end a fun weekend in Hawaii! 

Please check out Nate's blog that he updates daily with spectacular photography both in and out of the water!

Still on the calendar to come, my sister Brooke and good friend Jeremy are heading over here next week! Can't wait to see family and friends from back home and show them the island and where I've been playing the last month.

Diving into a cave at Big Beach, Photo: Nate Harrington

Little collage of the weekend, white tip reef sharks on the bottom!
Lil pup that kicked it with me on the beach on my Friday morning stroll.

Kihei Beach, super clear water, nobody around.

Paddling out to Hookipa, Photo: Nate Harrington

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