Monday, September 7, 2015

A question I get all the time....

How do you get money to go travel?
It's a classic question that can have many answers....

     But I am going to give you all that I know which is my way of doing it. So first things first, flights to where ever your trying to go. The plane flight can be the most expensive part of the whole trip since anywhere from America to Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, or South America is over $1000 usually. The way I get around this is

Nadi, Fiji International Airport
1) I try to travel to most destinations on the off/early/late season of that destination. This both gets you cheaper prices on flights and lot less crowded at the desired destination!
2) Book a round trip flight if you have a decent idea of when you are returning from this adventure your planning. And I have always seen that having a ticket booked home but then wanting to extend the trip and change the ticket is usually not very expensive if not free sometimes. But if you book a one way then end up spending a fortune on another one way home it will still probably cost more than the initial round trip ticket plus changing date price.
3) Maybe obvious but still pointing it out anyway, leaving on any weekday is most of the time cheaper than a weekend.
4) This is another kinda obvious one but most of the time the flights leaving at midnight with 2 layovers are cheaper than leaving at 4pm and 1 layover. So if your okay with a little extra travel time to save $150 then its worth it.
5) Last one,  Monday through Wednesday's are usually the best time to buy tickets. I always use Kayak to look into my flights because you can search +/- 3 days before and after a selected date.

Now how I make money for my trips!

     Obviously you need a job for that, but for me at least that is far from the only thing I do to get money for a trip. Now maybe not all of the activities I will list might be for you but I'm sure some of them will help or get you thinking.

1) Selling random items around the house you don't use or need anymore. This goes for anything from clothes, furniture, bikes, tools, every house has many things that are sitting around gathering dust and space. Make a deal with the family that you can help them clean out the attic this weekend or on your day off and have a garage sale the upcoming weekend. 
2) Similar to number 1, reach out to other family or friends and see if they have anything to get rid of. The grandparents are always a great go to, now that there older there's all kinds of things lying around that they don't have to time to get rid of or know how to post on Craigslist or eBay!
New South Wales, Australia
3) Recycling, no joke its an easy one. Go to all your neighbors and say hey instead of throwing all those cans and bottles in the recycle can take them to the recycling center. A few trash cans can easily be $20, once or twice a week can get you few hundred bucks for just a quick drive!
4) I have been driving Lyft/Uber a bit when I get home also! It great to make a few extra bucks at night or on the weekends, easy extra $200+ a week.
5) Just hustle because believe me it pays off, when your in a beautiful place and you think wow I wish I would have worked harder to stay here longer don't regret it. Ask family or friends if they need help with an airport drop off or moving into a new home/apt.

Even more important than making money is SAVING IT!
     So as I already explained how I make the extra cash to go travel above, the real part is saving the money. Because what good is making money but then spending it again on dumb shit, aka Las Vegas, Bars, Dumb online purchases, your car, things that you will never see that money again. So when saving for a trip I stop all that nonsense and just work work save save work work for a month or 2 and then bam I'm ready to go!

1)  Live with the family, its usually free or cheap. Either way you get free meals, clean clothes, a for sure way to save money. 
2)  Coins, yes it might not sound like a crazy investment but all that change you get from the drive thru's and liquor stores adds up. I get around $20 a month from just throwing all my coins in a jar. Eventually that could be a few days of meals in most of Asia!
3)  Also as I said above recycling, keep all your cans and bottles at the end of the month or before your about to leave on your trip cash em in!
4) Here's a good one that I really really recommend, getting a scooter. Save gas money, insurance, and repairs by cruising a motorcycle. I personally have a Vespa and its one of the best purchases/investments ever!
5) Try not to leave with all of these open ends like credit cards payments, loans, car insurance, etc. That just takes away right into your pocket/living money while your gone!
5) And all around just cut yourself off, eating out 5 meals a week, only go out 1 or 2 times. Instead of hitting the bars and spending $100 bucks a night just grab happy hour or get a 12 pack and a bbq. It is definitely hard but it all pays off when your exploring Indonesia for a month when your mate just spent the same amount of money for 3 days in Vegas....

Sailing in the Bass Strait
     Well there is all the info I feel like will help you get towards your goal of getting out and seeing the world while exploring somewhere you have never been! In the next few blog posts I am going to touch on Packing for a big trip, ways to make traveling to specific places even cheaper than it already can be, and more!

"Don't just be alive, be living...."

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