Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pantai Lakey week 2

     So the last week has been a bit of the same from the first, unlike most of the other blog posts I'm going to some a few days up at a time. Tuesday we paddled out to a right reef point down the beach, I was still feeling tired and sore from my long day before, got a few waves. But ended up heading in after 45 minutes, I had no energy and Jeremy felt like he was having a stomach ache coming up. I just chilled the rest of the day and watched a movie trying to get rested for some energy. Wednesday I had a slow morning and skyped with my parents for 2 hours, hadn't seen them in a few weeks and they were really excited and had lots to tell me! After I went with some new aussie friends and headed down to the right point that was looking really fun down the beach aways. Only surfed for a bit since my ear had been starting to feel an infection coming, on our way back were walking down the trail and outta of the corner of my eye I saw a very large animal. I had seen them before coming down this trail but not up this close, the it I'm referring to is a 5 ft tall easily over 1000lb Bull with horns 6 feet wide across. We all stood there for at least 10 seconds just in awe with this animal about 20 feet away just staring at us, he didn't look mad just stood there chewing on some grass. Here on Sumbawa there are goats, chickens, ducks, cows, and of course bulls just cruising around everywhere, it's very weird but I have got used to it since Bali is similar but much more tamed.
     Thursday I wasn't feeling to good since my ear ache had got worse, I shoved some surf wax in my ear and got out to the left at pipe. But I just couldn't take it to long, the wax wasn't working to well, and my ear/head was killing me, got out after 40 minutes or so. I just cruised the rest of the day and layed down after putting some ear drops in that I had brought from home. That night I could barely sleep from my ear aching so bad, woke up the next morning on Friday and could barely concentrate. All day I just cruised around got some food and rested watching a few movies and switching off putting ear drops in and letting it dry out for few hours. Ear infections are the most annoying thing to me, they feel like something so dumb yet it just ruins your day and of course part of this trip since I can't surf. Saturday was basically the same, not much going on, watching everyone surf, trying to take it easy and put ear drops in to get the ear better.
     On Sunday I finally found some ear drops at a store while I was cruising the scooter around and exploring getting some Go Pro footage. I got some fun footage of going down to one of our surf spots down the beach, after I hopped in the low tide pools that made my last three days feel so much better just getting out of the room and dipping in the water! On my way back I stopped by a hotel down the way and got a salad and cola to cool down and also just get something decent in my stomach. I got back and put some of the new ear drops in my ear and watched a movie wishing that they will make this infection better! Jeremy and I cruised down to a hotel down the beach for dinner since we are trying to eat different foods, we have both been having stomach aches and getting sick from eating at our place. I finished the night by popping some more ear drops in and watching the movie Django, which if anybody reading hasn't seen is an awesome movie, few nasty parts, long movie, but a great watch with a good story line and interesting ending!
     Monday I woke up with my ear feeling 50% better, it wasn't a sore and throbbing as it had been the past two days, after eating some breakfast and seeing so many small but fun rippable waves coming through out front, we all decided to get out there. I got some poster sticky paste, like what you use to stick a post to a wall looks and feels like silly puddy, he said he uses it all the time and works great. I took his word for it rolled some into a ball shoved it in my ear and hoped for the best, it ended up working pretty decent and I had the best session ever. The waves were so fun, and it wasn't to crowded, every wave I had was fun, and I was landing some turns I had been trying all trip. I was so stoked and relaxed from being out of the water, our aussie friends and even our indo friend Jamaica got out there to join us for a bit, we all sat out the back and shared waves for a few hours. The rest of the day we just cruised and watched a movie inside to get out of the heat for a bit, the weather has been getting much hotter in the last week. We have been eating at a hotel down the way since we have had just about all the food here, and got over it fast, we headed down there for dinner before calling it a night.
     Tuesday was a fun day since we went and explored some spots the opposite way that we hadn't really gone towards. Jamaica our guide friend showed us 3 different awesome surf spots, we ended up at one that wasn't a good wave but fun surfing a different setup. Super clear water with live reef underneath our feet, only downer was we had to walk over about 100 yards of reef to get out there haha, never a fun thing. After getting back to tour place, got some food and relaxed for a bit, Jamaica rallied a few other guests and we had a whole group of us depart on the scooters. We were heading to a waterfall I had heard about and asked Jamaica to go see it, as we arrived and parked the scooters, headed out on what ended up being a 2 mile ish hike! After finally arriving at the waterfall is was awesome, check out the picture below but it was like a steep staircase with water pouring down. It was amazing fresh cool water, everyone sat under the falls, let it pour down onus to relax ad feel refreshed! After finishing the 30 minute hike down we were bombarded by a group of little kids so stoked giving us high fives and laughing and intrigued by my Go Pro and a few other cameras. As you could see from the picture below I was trying to get a picture and they all started jumping on me, we were all cracking up. After getting back to our place, finished the day relaxing at the restaurant, getting some dinner, and of course playing few games of pool accompanied with a beer.
     Wednesday woke up to yet another beautiful day here in Sumbawa and also our last unfortunately, after enjoying some breakfast watching the waves I decided to head out. I had about 30 waves in 2 hours, not to crowded out there, just sat a little inside everyone and got what ever wave I wanted, the wave is such a perfect peak 90% of the time it's unbelievable! I am now sitting typing this post after enjoying lunch and looking over all of my Go Pro footage from yesterday, we are leaving tomorrow morning for the airport to fly back to Bali. We will be hanging in Bali next week, where I will fly out Tuesday morning early, and Jeremy fly's out technically Wednesday morning but 3am haha.
     But it has been awesome typing up these blog posts and sharing my experiences with every who reads and follows! I will definitely keep blogging keeping you updated on the rest of our Bali stay and also my few weeks I'll be spending in Hawaii on the way home! I plan on doing many more trips in the next few years of my life and will share all the experiences, photos, videos, and information right here as much as I can.
Refreshing, relaxing, cooling, greatness.

Waterfall stairs to the top!

This lil kids are always stoked when a camera is around.

Surf check Sumbawa

Village kids following me to the beach!

Bull on the beach, haha

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