So I came up this idea and I want to try it out, I am out on a traveling adventure and want to see as much of the world as I can! In order to do that of course it costs money, and money doesn't last forever. So to keep me traveling and to give back to my followers, friend's, and family I'm accepting donations here on my blog through paypal. But to give back to whomever donates I will find a cool gift from wherever I am at that time on my travels! The gift with shipping will be half of whatever the donation amount is. For example; donate $50 and I will buy something and ship it for $25, and keep in mind in some countries especially where I am going $20 is worth a lot! Let's try to keep the minimum at $50, so everything is worth while. It can cost up to $20 to ship something ground from indonesia. It's a win win for both of us because the donater gets a gift from somewhere across the globe, and I get to keep making my dreams of traveling happen!  Thanks to all of the support! :)

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  1. Hey Brian, liked reading your recent blog. sounds like you and Jeremy are having a great time. Hope the bugs aren't eating you guys up. Can you post a picture of you and Jeremy doing something? Keep up the blogs like reading them. Fonda


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