Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Day 1 down under

Hey friends, family, and followers wanted to say thanks again to everyone for all the support and good luck we have been getting from everyone it means a lot! After a couple sleeping pills, neck aches, airplane food, and 24 hours of traveling we made it to Sydney and got picked up from my friend Troy. The 45 minute drive south of Sydney to the town he lives in was awesome not to much traffic and an immediate change of scenery.
The landscape where we are located at the moment just south of Sydney reminds me of Big Sur, roads right next to the ocean with big cliffs, lots of trees, and picturesque sand beaches filling in the valleys. After we grabbed a bit to eat, got a quick tour of his hometown, dropped our bags off we head straight for a dip in the ocean which is a 2 minute walk from his house.
After having a bit of fun and refreshing ourselves in the southern hemisphere water we hoped in the car again for a cruise to the next town to grab a couple beers. We finished off the night relaxing and chatting on the balcony which looks through a valley towards the beach, couldn't have pictured a better first day. Watch the quick clip below and ill update everyone on the next adventure!

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